Nationwide Gas Care 5 Star Plan
Terms & Conditions

1 Introduction

1.1 Nationwide Gas Care 5 Star Plan
The Nationwide Gas Care (NGC) 5 Star Plan is operated from head office 31 - 35 High Street Kingorn KY3 9UW.The following paragraphs explain the Terms and Conditions of the NGC Plan and form the basis of a contract between you and NGC. It is therefore important that you read this document carefully, as we do not wish you to discover after an incident has occurred that you are not covered. If you have any queries, please call NGC on 0800 915 4162

1.2 Eligibility
The NGC 5 Star Plan is only available to homeowners who have installed or upgraded to a new boiler in the last seven years.

The plan is applicable to privately owned domestic properties only and is not available for commercial properties.

1.3 Commencement of Cover
Once your application has been accepted, we will email or write to you to confirm your contract start date, payment details and important policy information. Please check these details carefully and call us on 0800 915 4162 if there are any problems.

This confirmation will include a Policy Reference number, please quote this in any communication with us. Your contract will commence when we accept your application as detailed on your confirmation and your cover will start 30 days after this date. Please note that you are not permitted to make any claims or callouts on your maintenance plan until the 30th day expires.

2 What is Covered

2.1 Central Heating System
2.1.1 The NGC Plan covers breakdown and/or failure of your gas fired domestic central heating boiler, circulating pump, motorised valves, time clock or programmer, external thermostat, radiator and valves, hot water tank, feed and expansion tank, pipes and fittings, primary flue and draught diverter.

2.1.2 If you suffer a breakdown of your central heating system, burst radiator (steel panels only), or failure of external controls, you should call us on the 24 Hour Claims Number 0800 915 4162.
We will then:

a. advise you how to protect yourself and the property immediately;
b. organise and pay on your behalf the call–out, labour, parts, materials and VAT involved in repairing or remedying the breakdown and/or failure of the gas fired domestic central heating boiler/system.
c. In the event that a part needs to be ordered to rectify the breakdown, best endeavours will be made to source the part in the quickest available time.

2.1.3 Annual Service
It is recommended that all boilers are serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, which typically involve an annual service and safety check. During the period of cover, we will contact you to remind you and arrange a convenient time to service your boiler. Please note boiler services are normally undertaken Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, between March and September.

If you ignore the recommended service schedule of your boiler and you suffer a boiler breakdown as a direct result of a lack of servicing and/or maintenance, then the subsequent repairs will not be covered. You will forfeit cash back you are due as well.

2.2 Plumbing and Electrics (Extra Cost for Cover)
The NGC Plumbing and Elecrtical Plan covers you for repairs of plumbing faults such as tank overflows or leaking plumbing pipes, and electrical faults such as faulty electrical switches and faulty fuse board.

2.2.2 The maximum amount we will pay under this policy, arising from any one event is £200 (including VAT). 'Any one event' is defined as a single socket replacement or a single leaking overflow pipe, etc.

2.2.3 All repairs are carried out Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).

2.2.4 All permanent repairs are guaranteed for as long as you choose to remain a NGC Customer.

3 What is Not Covered
The following are excluded from cover:

3.1 Central Heating System
a. Separate gas heaters providing hot water;
b. LPG fuelled boilers and dual–purpose boilers (e.g. Aga, Rayburn);
c. Gas fires;
d. Cold water tanks;
e. Unvented hot water tanks;
f. Discharge of water from the mains fed hot water cylinders and/or central heating boilers;
g. Breakdown and/or failure, when it has previously been identified by an engineer (during a breakdown or service) that remedial/maintenance work is required to prevent a future breakdown and/or failure of your domestic central heating boiler;
h. Normal day–to–day maintenance of the domestic central heating boiler at your property, for which you are responsible. This includes re-pressurising the central heating system and adjustments to the timing and temperature controls of the domestic central heating boiler, venting (bleeding) of radiators, the addition of corrosion inhibitors, or payment for the replacement of items within your property, which will gradually wear out over a period of time;
i. Replacement of parts for the domestic gas central heating boiler which need to be replaced as a consequence of natural wear and tear, gradual deterioration or corrosion;
j. Any defect or failing which may be attributed to the original design of the gas fired domestic central heating boiler;
k. Any part of the domestic central heating boiler which is too difficult to access safely, for example, safe floor boarding and/or lighting is required within roof or loft spaces, or any part of the domestic central heating boiler which is impossible or impractical to maintain because of its position, for example a boiler situated in a confined space, inaccessible due to the installation of fitted units;

3.2 Plumbing and Electrics
a. Replacement of a hot or cold water tap;
b. Dripping taps;
c. Drainage of any kind.
d. Any external pipe from the building;
e. Toilet Cistern leaking;
f. Any tap related fault which has occurred due to wear and tear other than re-washering.
g. Electrical "Terminal Ends", ie, light bulbs, electric showers etc;
h. Anything that can plug in, ie, kettles, computers etc;

3.3 General Exclusions
a. Any event arising from circumstances known to you before your cover began;
b. Costs incurred where you have been advised of the need to carry out permanent repair work to avoid repetitive situations leading to a breakdown and/or failure;
c. any loss in the event of damage occurring where the property has remained unoccupied for 30 or more consecutive days;
d. loss or damage arising as a result of disconnection from or interruption to the gas, electricity or water mains services to the property;
e. the restoration of any fixtures or fittings (e.g. fitted units, special floor coverings such as wood block or ceramic tiles etc.) removed in the process of conducting the repair;
f. any liability for consequential loss whether as a result of a defect or malfunction of the central heating system, internal plumbing or drainage services, or arising from any goods, services, arrangements or advice provided by us or any agents acting on our behalf, unless through our or their negligence;
g. any part of the internal plumbing or drainage services which is too difficult to access safely, e.g. where asbestos is present;
h. any items where the replacement is only necessary as a result of changes in legislation or health and safety guidelines;
i. equipment which has not been installed, serviced or maintained in accordance with established practice, statutory regulations, British Standards or manufacturer's instructions;
j. any defect, damage or breakdown caused through malicious or wilful action, negligence, misuse or third party interference including any attempted repair or modification to the domestic central heating boiler, electrics or internal plumbing which does not comply with recognised industry standards;
k. any delays caused by our suppliers or their agents in obtaining spare parts that are not immediately available;
l. damage caused to the property and/or its contents whilst completing a repair will not be reinstated to the original condition. The engineer will advise if any damage is likely to occur;
m. any costs above the limits of cover. You are responsible for agreeing and settling these costs directly with the engineer;
n. any defect, loss or damage occasioned by fire, lightening, explosion, tempest, flood, earthquake, impact or other extraneous causes;
o. any loss arising from subsidence, heave of the site or landslip caused by: bedding down of new structures; demolition or structural repairs or alterations to the property; faulty workmanship or the use of defective materials; river or coastal erosion;
p. any loss or damage arising as a consequence of: war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, terrorism, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, coup, riot or civil disturbance; ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from combustion of nuclear fuel, the radioactive toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or its nuclear component.

4 General Conditions
4.1 We reserve the right to pre–screen all boilers and may not cover your domestic central heating boiler if it is not in good working order, if parts are not available or your boiler does not meet our eligibility criteria.

4.2 If any recommended remedial or maintenance works notified during a gas boiler service and/or breakdown/failure are not carried out within 28 days, or your domestic central heating boiler does not meet our eligibility criteria (for example if spare parts are no longer available), we may cancel your policy.

4.3 Claims must be made via the 24 Hour Claims Number by you or a person calling on your behalf at the time of the breakdown and/or failure. We will not cover the costs of work carried out by contractors not authorised by us in advance. Any gas leaks MUST in the first instance be reported to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

4.4 In order for us to verify your cover, when calling, please have your policy number ready to quote. The approved engineer may also ask you to produce your Policy Summary when they arrive at your property.

4.5 We may change any of the terms upon which we provide the level of cover, or any other term whatsoever. Where this change benefits you, we will make the change immediately and notify you of the change within 28 days. In all other cases we will write to advise you of the change at least 28 days prior to any change taking effect.

4.6 We will not cover the cost of repairs needed because of design faults, or faults which existed before you entered into your agreement or which we could not identify using reasonable care and skill.

4.7 We will not cover the cost of repairs necessary due to accidental damage caused by you.

4.8 Where work is undertaken on your system by a third party, whether or not following our advice, which results in damage to that or another part of your system, the repair of any such damage will be excluded from your agreement.

4.9 We will not cover the cost of repairs or replacement for faults or damage of appliances or systems caused by freezing weather conditions, subsidence, structural repairs, accident, fire, lightning, explosion, flood or storm. You should check your household insurance to make sure you have enough cover for these risks.

5 Other Important Information

5.1 Appointments and Access to your Property
It is your responsibility to allow us access to your property. If we cannot gain access to your property, we will be unable to carry out the necessary work. If this happens, we will tell you so that you may arrange another appointment. If you do not arrange an appointment or we cannot gain access, your agreement will continue even though we have been unable to carry out the service. If, after several attempts, you have not made an appointment or we still cannot gain access, we may cancel your agreement. We will tell you in writing if this is the case.

5.2 Your Cancellation Rights
There is no minimum contract term for the NGC Maintenance plan and you can cancel at any time by writing to us at NGC, 31 - 35 High Street Kingorn KY3 9UW.

If you choose to cancel your agreement within the first 12 months, we may charge you an administration fee of £30.

If you cancel your agreement within the first 12 months and have had any callouts during that period, we may charge you 50% of the cost of the callouts.

5.3 Our Cancellation Rights
We may cancel your agreement in the following circumstances:
a. If we give you reasonable notice;
b. If you have given false information;
c. If you do not make an agreed payment;
d. For agreements concerning gas boilers, gas appliances or heating systems, if: we find something wrong when we visit; or we have advised you that permanent repairs or improvements are needed to make sure your appliance or system works properly, and you do not follow our advice within a reasonable period. This advice may include replacing your boiler or system. (What constitutes a reasonable period will vary depending on the nature of the issue and the period could be short in the case of, for example, a safety issue);
e. If we are not reasonably able to find parts to keep your system or appliance working safely;
f. If circumstances arise (including health and safety issues) which make it inappropriate for the contract to continue;

5.4 Third-party rights
Nobody other than you will be able to benefit from this agreement, which cannot be passed to someone else without our agreement.

5.5 Complaints
We will always aim to do our best but unfortunately there may be times when things go wrong. If you have a complaint about any part of our service or your products please telephone us on 0800 915 4162 or write to us at: Nationwide Gas Care, 31 - 35 High Street Kingorn KY3 9UW. We will try to deal with the matter immediately but if we can't then we will keep you regularly informed about the progress of our investigation.